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Data is considered to be the heart of a business in today’s world. Without timely access to the right data or information, a company may end up making inaccurate decisions which could lead to wastage of valuable time and resources. Web Scraping helps companies to extract large amounts of data from websites and even automates this process. Ultimately, assisting your company in generating new leads while saving time and resources.

Bulk scraping is a web scraping and data collection company providing professional web scraping tools and services across the globe. As one of the leading web scraper services providers in the USA, we provide a comprehensive range of services that focus on data-collection, data extraction, web scraping, screen scraping, automation and b2b lead generation services. We focus on providing customized and quality web scraping and data extraction services. Our Data Collection services facilitate businesses and companies to gather scalable data in an organized manner within a short period of time. Furthermore, we also extend outsourcing data collection services to companies based in different parts of the world.

Equipped with state-of-the-art technology & databases that are capable of storing humongous amounts of data, our goal is to help your business unlock its hidden potential. Being a well-reputed scrape company in the USA, we specialize as being a one-stop solution place for all your data extraction needs. Our Specific range of services are as follows:

Web Scraping

Web Scraping is the process of scraping enormous amounts of data from websites and saving it into your computer or virtual database in the format of a table or a spreadsheet.

web scraping services
data mining services

Data Mining

Being a leading data aggregation company in the USA, we facilitate and outsource data mining services to a wide range of industries including but not limited to, Real-Estate, E-commerce, Market Research, Marketing, Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.

Cloud-based Web Crawlers

Cloud based servers are the future for storing data, they make data accessible anywhere and ensure safety of data. We keep up with the latest technology, hence,we remove the hassle of storing data on systems. Cloud web scraping helps to secure important data, so you don’t have to worry about losing your data in case of any relocation.

custom crawlbot

Customized Crawlbots

Bulk Scraping provides customized web crawling bots that are capable of crawling and extracting large amounts of data as per your requirements. The customization options available in these web crawler bots facilitate the management of large amounts of data, scheduling to extract data at regular intervals to keep up with updates, and a personalized data collection criterion meeting your specific requirements.

Webscraping API

Web Scraping API systematizes business processes using RPA and allows internal applications and workflows to use data integration. Furthermore, Web Scraping API alleviates the task of performing all of these activities with the help of customized and ready to-utilize custom APIs.

web scraping API
lead generation

Lead Generation

Marketers and businesses today manage their prospects and potential customers through CRM software. However, to add and manage potential leads into CRM requires technical research and time. Our experts conduct detailed research and convert unstructured web data into organized lists of potential leads, that can be straightaway uploaded to CRM and Marketing Automation Softwares.

Scraping Automation

In today’s world, repeating data extraction and scraping tasks can become quite tedious, monotonous, and boring for the people doing it. With the help of automated web scraping a company can delegate these tasks to certain software and bots and invest that valuable time into more demanding activities.


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