Data Mining Services with Quicker Turnaround

  • Being a leading data aggregation company in the USA, we facilitate and outsource data mining services to a wide range of industries including but not limited to, Real-Estate, E-commerce, Market Research, Marketing, Finance, Retail, Healthcare, Manufacturing, etc.

  • Our Data Mining Services process consists of classification, clustering, regression, pattern recognition, and other associated rules & standard procedures to ensure we break through your complicated business problems and provide high-quality data. We are equipped with state-of-the-art technology and experts who possess analytical skills & the technical know-how to extract data from different sources so that your business can prosper with the right information at the right time.
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E-Commerce Data Extraction

Our experts are adept in extracting large amounts of data from e-commerce websites & virtual marketplaces by making use of automated tools or developing one from scratch specific to your requirement.

Social Media Data Mining

  • Social Media has become a hub for billions of users, with each day passing by more and more businesses are trying to acquire a stand on social media platforms and connect to new users. Businesses are now using data analytics and data mining to gather data to achieve better sales and predict consumer behavior.
  • We at Bulkscraping, cover each and every element while performing Data Aggregation Services, from user profiles, posts, interactions to the analysis of trends to obtain significant information for your business.
  • As one of the leading Data Mining Service Providers, we focus on creating custom-built solutions for the distinct requirements of each business, some of the services we provide are Data Mining for Fraud Detection, Customer Segmentation, Competitor Analysis, Data Interpretation, Metadata Extraction, Marketing Channel Optimization, etc. After collecting data, we provide you with the data in an organized manner in the format as specified by your end. We are capable of providing data in a wide range of formats such as CSV, JSON, HTML, XLS, and much more.

Specific Data Mining Services We Offer:

● Contact Data Mining

  1. Our contact media data mining services consist of:
    2. Contact Information Data Mining
    3.  Social Data Mining
    4. Real-time and Historical Data Mining
    5.  Data Mining of White Pages


● Social Media Platforms for Data Mining

  1. Instagram
    2. Facebook
    3. LinkedIn
    4. Twitter

● Web-Based Data Mining      ● SQL Data Mining    ● Office-based Data Mining (Excel, Word, PDF)       ● Image Data Mining    ● Open Source Data Mining   ● Data Mining for Fraud Detection  ● Data Mining from Multimedia Platforms   ● Data Mining of Data Stream and Sensor       ● Data Interpretation & Analysis

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