Customized Crawlbot

The customized web crawling bots developed by Bulkscraping, will crawl the websites you wish and extract data as per your requirements. These crawlbots are capable of handling large amount of data with scalable potential. The bot will be customized based on the data you need, and the visiting frequency will be tailored to more frequent visits for the sites that change more often.

With features for redundancy control, relevancy, and parallelization, these web crawling bots can get you the finest web data, cleaned and structured in a ready-to-use format of your choice. Although formats like XML and CSV are popular for data analysis processes, we also provide the data in JSON, SQL, PDF, HTML, etc.

The web crawling scripts can be customized based on your requirements and the type of website you want to crawl: infinite scroll, with user-login, cascaded pages or AJAX drop-downs.