Data mining and data aggregation

With Bulkscraping’s data mining and data aggregation services, we can extract a large quantity of relevant high-quality data from almost anywhere on the web or file system archives, and get it in the desired format.

Our team of python developers at Bulkscraping can prepare customized screen scraping and web scraping applications to cater to your needs, and run them through the width and depth of the internet, to deliver cleaned and formatted data. Our customized web crawlers can crawl through a variety of sources for enhanced data collection Social Media, News Media, Blogs, Business Directories, all included. We deliver the scraped data in formats of your choice such as JSON, Excel, CSV, HTML, SQL database, Google sheets and more.

We assist companies in mining data from pdf, images, and different databases using various OCR and OMR tools.

Our data mining services help clients from various domains for their business analytics and help them grow by providing ready-to-use structured data, customized exclusively to their business needs. The benefits promised by hiring Bulkscraping and its web scraping tools are:

  • reduced cost
  • better turnaround time
  • excellence in work
  • choice of multiple output formats
  • free sample of your customized output data
  • no vendor lock-in

Once you specify your needs data fields and frequency, we will retrieve relevant data from different websites with any number of data fields at any frequency.