Web scraping and data extraction

Whether you are a Fortune 500 company or a Startup, you need to make data driven decisions. Our web scraping and data extraction services help you extract data from website and process it in the most structured form required.

Our team of developers at Bulkscraping can extract the data from hundreds of websites whether it is static or dynamic web application, we have a solution for you. We help our clients in mining data from different formats like images and scanned pdf documents using various OCR and OMR tools. We help our clients by developing automated scripts and deploying it on the cloud, thus reducing the project turnaround time.

We can extract data from website to excel, from pdf to excel using vba and extract data from pdf python. Additionally, our team can assist in data cleaning & processing data, and deliver output customized in the formats of your choice such as JSON, Excel, CSV, HTML, SQL database, Google sheets and more. The comprehensive reports generated by us can be used in fuelling your market research and help you gain a competitive edge. We use different data visualization tools such as Tableau and Power BI to gain business insights by identifying patterns for various domains like sales & marketing, business operations and so on.